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The Best Way to Heat Up Your Lasagna

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Tips to heat up lasagna leftover

Whether you’ve got an entire family or just you to feed, lasagna is one of those dishes that almost always leaves leftovers lurking in the fridge.

Unlike some rather accommodating dishes, lasagna doesn’t really reheat well. That’s because the pasta soaks up excess moisture from the sauce when you refrigerate it overnight, leading to a radical change in texture.

As opposed to layers of noodles and filling with sauce, you’re left with a moist brick of dense noodles and dry filling.

But what’s the solution? Moist paper towels just won’t cut it in this instance.

Behold, a Way to Upcycle Lasagna!

Most of the issues with day-old lasagna revolve around our fixation with having the same meal experience from two completely different starting points.

A fundamental change has occurred. That lasagna is no more.

Once you let go of your deeply cherished need to experience fresh lasagna in traditional form from your leftovers, you may find that an entirely new world of flavors just waiting to be explored.

Here, we’ll talk about how to create warm, cheesy goodness in a new form, so put on your eating caps and let’s go.

Picture of heated lasagna

The best cookware for this flavor adventure is going to be either cast iron have some variety of non-stick, such as ceramic or Teflon.

Just so you know, cast iron is something worth investigating, if you’ve never worked with it before. Check out cookware reviews for cast iron pans and skillets, just to get an idea of what people who bought it loved best and areas where they experienced issues.

First, you’ll want to slice your thick, chilled lasagna into slabs approximately one inch thick. If you have height needs, simply stack two of these slabs top layer to bottom layer and gently press them together.

Then, place the slab in a medium-hot pan with a tiny bit of oil. The cheese will gently melt out and form a crispy, amazingly delicious crust.

In about two minutes, use a spatula to flip your work of art and repeat the process on the other side.

Most experts-i.e. “good” eaters-recommend that you sauce the finished product up a bit in the interest of replacing lost moisture. For this dish, a little will go a long way.

Make It Look Fancy

With this little kitchen hack, you can make a little effort look like you spent hours in the kitchen. Plus, if you use the best cookware for this, there will be no issues with sticking or cold centers.

Cast iron is recommended because it provides even distribution of steady heat to your food, and aids in the formation of a perfect crust on anything you pan sear or fry.

If you’d like to know more about all the ways you can use this type of pan or how ceramic coated pans can help you look like a culinary genius, check out the cookware reviews submitted by people who purchased these items.

Whether you need to come up with something quick and delicious for an impromptu dinner party or you’re having a jammy party with your favorite television shows, this tasty repurposed lasagna won’t let you down.

It’s hot, sustaining, full of cheese and filling, and wonderfully crisp. As well, it removes the stigma born for many years by countless pans of leftover lasagna.

No longer should single individuals fear making the dish, because it can be invented anew.

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