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T-fal Initiative Nonstick Cookware Set: The Popular Choice among Nonstick Lovers

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T-fal A777S164 initiative nonstick pot and pan set review

Cooking is a creative activity that provides physical as well as emotional rewards, and finding the best non-stick cookware set enhances it significantly. The 18 pieces in the T-fal A777SI64 Inititative Non-stick Cookware Set give you the flexibility to prepare soups, sauces, stir fry and pan fried steak or bacon at the same time.

Easy to clean, the nonstick interior encourages creative cooks to try new dishes for family and friends. Starting with a non-stick cookware set review lets you find the features that best match your style in the kitchen.

What makes T-fal A777S164 such a popular nonstick pan and pot set among home cooks? Scroll down and you’ll soon see why.

A Review of T-fal Initiative Nonstick Set

The set includes all of the pots and pans that are necessary to outfit a kitchen with the basic requirements, and four plastic cooking utensils are safe to use on the nonstick surfaces.

The tempered glass lids are attractive in a contrasting color, and you can take a look at rice or steam cooked vegetables without letting the steam escape. Venting on the lids lets you control cooking speed and avoid spillovers. Almost nothing spoils a pot of rice as quickly as opening the lid while it is cooking.

Touching the handle of a hot pot can bring an abrupt and unpleasant end to preparing a meal, but you do not have to worry about that with this set of T-fal cookware. New handles are designed to stay cool as well as fit your hand. Oven heat up to 350 degrees F does not damage them, and the set is safe to use in your dishwasher.

T-fal Popular Nonstick Oven Safe Pot and pan SetT-fal Popular Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Pot and pan Set

Heavy duty handles on the Dutch oven and the large fry pan let you safely retrieve a pot roast or casserole from the oven without fear of spilling or dropping. The sturdy aluminum construction has a solid feel, and it controls and maintains the selected heat level effectively.

The nonstick surface on the exterior as well as the interior ensures thorough cleaning that leaves no baked on residue. Some pots require extensive scrubbing to remove stains from cooking, but it is not necessary when they are lined with a quality nonstick surface.

The ability to conduct heat evenly is one of the most important qualities that you expect to find when you search for the best non-stick cookware set. For stove top cooking, the T-fal Initiatives set is an excellent choice.

Avoiding hot spots that can spoil a dish, it maintains an even temperature for the bottom surface that conveys a consistent amount of heat to the pot or pan.

T-fal Best-selling Nonstick Oven Safe Cookware SetStrong handle in T-fal Popular Nonstick Oven Safe Pot

Considering Price and Value

In the moderate price range, the set contains more pots and pans than you may expect. Four pots and two fry pans in addition to an egg cooker and a griddle make the set versatile as a starter for beginners or as an upgrade for experienced cooks.

With more pieces than some of the more expensive sets include, it provides plenty of tools for preparing a multi course meal. Enameled sets may show up in your non-stick cookware set review, but they are usually costlier and harder to clean. The surface is probably more durable than Teflon, but it takes more effort to maintain.

Cookware sets that have riveted handles may withstand wear more effectively than those that are on this set, but tightening the handle is a small matter that is easy to do. For the value that you receive in a large set of cookware that is dishware safe and versatile, a minor inconvenience that may occur occasionally is acceptable.

Is It the Right Investment?

Every cook has a signature way of processing the same pool of ingredients and raw materials. Such cooking preference often determines which type of cookware is the best.

No one should dictate your purchase decision (unless the set will be shared among yourself). By now, you should have a good idea on what to expect of T-fal A777SS164 Initiative nonstick cookware set.

Does it make the perfect pot and pan set investment? Only you can accurately answer the question.

Looking for nonstick set but still feeling undecided? Why not check out our top recommendation for nonstick cookware sets and find out how this popular offering from T-fal matches up against its competitors.

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