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Presto 01781 Pressure and cooker reviews

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Home canning is a tradition in America that preserves fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden for use all year round. The abundance of fresh produce at farmers’ markets provides access to beautiful selections without the work of growing your own.

The best pressure cooker is a versatile tool that tenderizes the toughest cuts of meat while preserving taste and maintaining juiciness. The Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker lets you maintain a family tradition with technological advances that make cooking and canning a pleasure.

How Good is Presto 01781 Pressure Canner & Cooker?

Product Highlights

Safety is a concern when you use a pressure cooker, and having a way to control the pressure is essential. The lid on the heavy-duty aluminum pot locks securely and a sealing ring prevents the release of steam, but the unit has features that let you track and regulate the pressure.

When you read cookware reviews, take note of the features that help you use a pressure cooker safely.

A pop-up pressure indicator on the Presto pot combines with a release mechanism to let off steam, and an overpressure plug reacts to an excessive buildup.

The air vent/cover lock that allows pressure to build up when the lid is properly closed also serves as a safety device. The lid does not open until the interior pressure diminishes to a safe level. Features like these are worth considering when you shop for the best pressure cooker.

Too little pressure is counterproductive in cooking or canning, and a pressure dial gauge shows accurate readings that help you maintain a constant level. The instruction book recommends having the gauge checked for accuracy and calibration if needed, a precaution that is appropriate for any pressure cooker.

Picture of Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and CookerPressure gauge of Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker

When you read cookware reviews, make sure to evaluate safety features. Convenience features in the cooker include a rack that fits inside to keep your canning jars slightly above the bottom, a handy tool that makes removing hot containers safe and convenient.

Preserving jams, jellies and pickles requires a hot bath in a big container, and the Presto pot can make it worth your time to prepare a large batch at one time.

Creating a culinary masterpiece with a pressure cooker can fully occupy your mind, and the pot handles that stay cool can help prevent an accidental burn when you are not paying attention to them.

When you check the web for cookware reviews, remember to look for simple and practical features like these. A book containing 50 recipes comes with the cooker, and it can give you ideas for soup stocks and pot roasts that you may not have tried.

Weighing the good and bad

The weight of the cooker is an advantage as well as a disadvantage. While providing ample space for canning jars or for a corn beef and cabbage dinner for a crowd, the pot has the capacity to hold 23 quarts.

Each quart weighs 32 ounces, making the total weight nearly 50 pounds. Even so, the sturdy construction of the pot allows for even heating on smooth top and regular ranges.

Cleaning the pot with nonabrasive products is an effective way to make it safe for food, but they can diminish the shine on the exterior with repeated use.

A fine polish that is recommended for aluminum can restore the shine and make the pot look almost like new again.

Back to You

The Presto 23-quart pressure cooker is a special use tool that you may not need to use often, but it is designed to perform well when you need it.

The best pressure cooker has the versatility to cook large quantities of food and to double as processor for canning fruit and vegetables. The professional quality of the Presto cooker lets you handle home canning projects efficiently.

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