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How to make the perfect beef stock

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Ingredients for great beef stock

When you want to save money, or you simply want to make something that is your own, you can make beef stock instead of buying it in the store. This is a somewhat easy process and should allow you to have plenty of beef stock to fit all of your particular needs.

Make sure that you find the best cookware (which can be found by looking at cookware reviews) to help you make the stock in the proper manner. You should be able to make it simply and easily, even if you are novice cook and do not have much experience in the kitchen.

Simple Steps to Make Beef Stock

The first step

The first step you should take is to gather all of your ingredients and all of your necessary equipment. Your ingredients include: meaty stock bones with marrow (4-5 lbs), stew meat (1 lb), olive oil, medium onions (2), medium carrots (2), large celery rib (1), garlic (2 cloves), bay leaves (2), peppercorns (10).

After you have gathered your ingredients, you want to find the best cookware for the job which includes: large roasting pan, stock pot, plenty of spoons that you can stir the meat with when it is cooking in the stock pot.

Next: Browning the meat

The next step is to brown the meat and the vegetables to create the flavor that you are going to get in the stock. Make sure that you find the best roasting pan for the job by checking out various cookware reviews.

You should be able to place them somewhat evenly on the pan. Rub the olive oil over the vegetables, meat and bones. Turn your oven on to 400 degrees and let it heat up.

Place the pan in there and let it sit for around 45 minutes or until everything is a nice brown color with some caramelization on it.

Making perfect beef stock

Place it in the pot

Following the roasting process, you should place your meat and vegetables into a big stock pot. Make sure that there is enough room to fill it up with water. It is also important to get the brownings off of the bottom of the pan. Do this by using a combination of hot water and a metal spatula.

Fill the rest of the pot up with cold water. Put the pot on high heat and let it begin to simmer. Once it has begun to simmer, reduce the heat back down to low and let it sit that way for three to six hours.

Make sure that your temperature stays the same and consider getting a candy thermometer that will tell you when it is right around 180 degrees (you want it in between 180 and 200 at all times).

While you are waiting

As the stock begins to cook, there will be a lot of fat on the top of it, scrape this fat off as you are cooking it. Let it cook for at least 3 hours.

Once you have determined that your stock is done cooking (try to leave it on for 6 or 8 hours, if you’re able), you can begin to let it cool down. Turn the heat off and remove the pot from the burner.

Take a slotted spoon and begin digging out the large chunks that are still in the pot to throw away.

The key to perfection

Place cheesecloth on top of another bowl to get rid of all of the smaller particles. Pour it through the cheese cloth at least twice, but more if you want it to be more clear.

After the stock has completely cooled, there will be a solid layer of fat on the top of it. Scoop this off and through it away. Package your stock in a way that is easy for you.

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