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What’s in Farberware Stainless Steel Cookware Set that Makes it a Classic?

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Farberware: A Cookware Brand to Reckon With

Farberware: A Cookware Brand to Reckon With

When considering which cookware to buy, you should think about what considerations are important to you. Different people have different needs, one that’s determined by one’s cooking style, the types of recipes and ingredients used and of course the overall theme of your kitchen.

When referring to cookware set, you’d definitely be expecting pots and pans in a variety of sizes. You want to have the flexibility to choose the right size depending on the event and number of servings you need to make. Points noted!

Then there is the type of material to think about. Do you prefer a non-stick surface or otherwise? Do you want a pure stainless steel, porcelain or cast-iron type?

Once you know what you want and fixed a budget for yourself, that’s when you can kick start your hunt for the best cookware sets.

In this pan & pot set review, we put the Faberware Classic stainless steel set under the spotlight. Let’s see how it ticks into each criteria and if it’s the right set for your need.

What’s in a Faberware Classic Stainless Steel Set

Big and Small Skillets

The nonstick skillets in two sizes are perfect if you have a lifestyle like mine. You can use at least one of them every day for at least one or two meals.

The 7-inch nonstick skillet is perfect for making an individual omelet each morning and is fast for me to clean before you go to work.

The larger 9-inch skillet is perfect for all sorts of dinnertime needs, including sautéing vegetables, cooking chicken strips and frying hash browns. In addition, your dishes will certainly be healthier as you do not need to use much oil for cooking with these nonstick surfaces.

Transparent lid of Farberware Classic potCool handle makes easy handling of Farberware classic stock pot

Big and Small Saucepans

You’d be delighted with the covered saucepans that come in three different sizes. The 1-quart saucepan is perfect for heating up small servings of soup or vegetables or for making sauces for my meats.

For me, I like to use 1.5-quart saucepan for making gravies or boiling a few eggs. The 2-quart saucepan can serve as your go-to pot, one that you can use almost every day. With the same pot, you can also use for boiling noodles, making soup and steaming vegetables.

I have found that the aluminum core in each pot heats up my food quite quickly. Each pot comes with a lid that fits extremely well. These lids keep in most of the steam and therefore keep great deal of the flavors and moisture in my food.

However, the lids are clear, which enables me to see how my foods are coming along without lifting the lids.

Big and Small Pots

The 5.5-quart stockpot is perfect for making large meals, such as spaghetti or soup. This is the type of pot you want to use when family and friends come for a visit.

Trust me. Without a pot as big as this, you’d have to split your meals into two or three smaller pots. Aw! That’s a pain, I can tell you!

The large size of this sturdy pot makes large meal preparation a breeze and cleanup a frustration-free chore.

You Can Put it in the Oven

Although you’d end up mostly using this best stainless steel cookware set on the stovetop, there are times when you need to put them in the oven.

You can place the pieces from Farberware Classic cookware set in to a low-temperature oven. Keep in mind that 350 degrees is the limit. To me, this is good enough for 80% of my cooking needs.

I like the flexibility that I have in taking the pot directly from the stovetop and placing it into the oven without having to dirty a separate casserole dish in the process.

In addition, I can grab the pots easily from the oven with the phenolic handles, which are not at all slippery.

Nonstick surface of Farberware Classic skillet panLong handle in Farberware classic stock pot

Dishwasher-Safe Makes Easy Cleaning

Cleanup after meals is very easy with these pots. The pots, lids and the stockpot can all be placed in the dishwasher. Although the skillets must be washed by hand, I find this quite simple to do because nothing sticks to their Teflon coatings.

The 18/10 stainless steel construction of the saucepans has maintained its shininess for me after cleaning.

An Affordable Cookware Set that Last

If you ask any one to name their dream cookware set, I can bet that 90% of the time you’d end up with Le Creuset and All-Clad as the answer.

Think about it. If asked where in the world they’d dream of spending their honeymoon, most people will answer Carribbean or Bali as the answer. But how many of them really get to spend their honeymoon there? A handful at best.

The same is true when it comes to pot and pan selection. Most of us (including myself) dream of an All-Clad cookware set. But I definitely can’t wait until someone fulfil my wish before I have my cookware set.

If you need a set and you’re pressed on budget, Farberware Classic 10-Piece stainless steel set is definitely a good entry-level option to consider.

Is it the best cookware set? Minus price in the equation, it might be.

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