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Cook N Home Ceramic Coated Set: The Best Low-Cost Alternative?

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Cook n home nonstick ceramic coated 10-piece cookware set review

A study by Clemson University examined materials and coating surfaces used for cookware and reported that ceramic and enameled products are resistant to stains and scratches as well as colorful.

A surface that does not absorb food odors is an attribute that is characteristic of the best ceramic cookware set. The Cook N Home NC-00359 Nonstick Ceramic Coating 10-Piece Cookware Set comes in a red color that does not contain cadmium, and it is available in green as well.

Thinking of buying this Cook N Home nonstick ceramic set but feeling unsure? Let’s examine it a little closer and find out.

Cook ‘N Home Ceramic Coated Cookware Set Review

Considering the Advantages of Ceramic Coating

Anyone who has used Teflon pans is familiar with the performance that they provides. But ceramic coating avoids some of the more common problems found in the traditional nonstick coating.

Ceramic nonstick coating resists scratching and does not tend to peel unless extreme temperatures damage the material. You need have no worries about chemicals such as PFOA, PTFE, lead or cadmium when you choose ceramic coated cookware.

Attributes of the best cookware set that is made of ceramic include effective use of heat, appearance and ease of cleaning. The high gloss finish is not only pretty, but it is functional as well.

Unlike copper pots that need a vigorous polishing to retain a beautiful shine, ceramic coatings attract no rust or corrosion. Cast iron is a durable material that withstands high temperatures, but cleaning it is a chore.

Some stains are almost impossible to remove, but ceramic coating provides a nonstick surface that looks new with minimal care. The exterior is as easy to clean as the interior, and high heat does not discolor the attractive finish.

Finding a Practical Set of Cookware

Heavy gauge aluminum in the Cook N Home set provides even heating and prevents hot spots that can spoil a dish. The nonstick surface requires little or no oil to prevent sticking, adding to the healthy quality of food and reducing the calorie count as well.

Pot included in Cook N Home NC-00359 Nonstick PFOA-free pot and pan setNon stick pan of Cook n home nc-00359 cookware set

Handles are resistant to heat, and an anti-slip coating on them reduces the risk of dropping a heavy pan as it comes out of the oven. Hot pans adapt to changing temperatures without risk of breakage.

Interchangeable glass lids on the cookware add to the convenience of using the set. Manufacturers do a favor for cooks when they make a lid fit more than one pot, and it is an attribute to consider when you shop for the best ceramic cookware set.

Cooking for a family provides the opportunity to prepare nutritious meals with a Dutch oven that tenderizes even the most inexpensive cut of meat. Vegetables contribute flavors and nutrients in a pot that has a securely fitting lid, and this set contains two pots that provide ample servings for a family.

The six quart Dutch oven and the three quart casserole make excellent slow cooked meals at temperatures up to 350 degrees F. You can use the lids on the two fry pans as well. Sauce pans in one and two quart capacities with matching lids make preparing side dishes easy.

A Lesser Known Brand But…

A moderate price for a 10 piece set of cookware may make you wonder about the value, but the quality of this set makes it work well. While other sets like Paula Deen Signature Series include utensils such as spatulas and slotted spoons that can make them seem larger than they actually are, this set does not use that marketing technique.

The 10 pieces in the set are pans and lids, and the price is based on what you get from a company that does not conduct expensive advertising campaigns.

Not everyone is willing to try a product from a lesser known brand. But if stories and reviews from owners of this set were to be based on, I believe it’s an investment risk worth taking.

If you’re still unsure and prefer to consider other alternatives, be sure to check out which sets made it to our ultimate list of the finest nonstick cookware sets.

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