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Can This Cuisinart Stainless Steel Cookware Set Helps You Cook Better?

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When you invest in the best cookware set for your family, it should stand the test of time by holding its shape and cooking evenly each time.

The Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Stainless Steel cookware set has a loyal following along with its critics.

Although many products are poor quality in the cookware world, most concerns are completely subjective and based mainly on a person’s cooking ability, not the pan’s workmanship.

Looking through cookware reviews helps you pick the right set, including the Cuisinart models. How good is Cuisinart MCP-12N MultiClad Pro set then? Let’s find out.

Cuisinart MCP-12N MultiClad Pro Cookware Set Review

Solid Construction

Many stainless steel sets use pure metal for pans and skillets, but heat cannot distribute itself perfectly through these metals.

Multiclad cookware uses a layered design for both the sides and base of each container. Although stainless steel forms the interior and exterior layers, an aluminum layer remains between the steel.

Aluminum distributes heat evenly, allowing traditional and induction cooktops to work well with Cuisinart’s design.

The pans and skillets shouldn’t have any hot spots to scald or burn during the cooking process. Heat even remains slightly longer in the pan compared to other cookware sets, making this design stand out for consumers.

Large pot of Cuisinart MCP-12N MultiClad Pro Stainless Steel Cookware SetHeat surround technology of Cuisinart MCP-12N MultiClad Pro Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Covers and Oven Convenience

The stockpot, saute pans and saucepans all come with covers. These lids aren’t your typical covers just balancing on the pans’ edges. The lids actually fit into the container, forming a virtual seal against moisture loss.

Cooking times drop when heat is trapped in the container to circulate around the food. You can even move the pan, pot or skillet directly into the oven for a baking period.

As long as the temperature remains below 500 degrees Fahrenheit, the cookware remains intact and ready for more cooking. Even some of the best stainless steel cookware set choices can’t move between the oven and cooktop so easily.

Cuisinart MCP-12N MultiClad Pro Stainless Steel in modern kitchenCool grip handle design in Cuisinart MCP-12N

Pitting and Stain Concerns

Although there are many glowing reviews about this product, there are also alarming concerns about quality after use.

Even when consumers use gentle utensils, such as wood or plastic, they still see discoloration and pitting along the pans’ metal interior walls.

It’s difficult to say if this issue is a defect or users aren’t cooking properly with the equipment. When you look through cookware reviews, make a note of these particular complaints.

If only one person complains, it could be an anomaly. However, Cuisinart has several complaints about this same issue from different consumers.

Burn Issues

Looking for a potholder to grab a pot handle is frustrating, even if you have a customized handle cover for it.

A major benefit to this cookware set is the “Cool Grip” feature. Grab the handle to work a saute into a frenzy without worrying about burns.

This feature is especially helpful for households with young children learning to cook. Even burnt food within the pots, pans and skillets is rare because of the uniform heat distribution along the surface area.

While Cuisinart’s set looks good, it also brings some safety to the kitchen for both novice and seasoned household cooks.

Key Takeaway

If you’re a whiz in the kitchen, Cuisinart MCP-12N MultiClad Pro cookware set may be perfect for your budgeted needs. However, the stainless steel construction may have a difficult learning curve for novice cookers.

It’s best to look over the product and match it to your cooking needs. If you are a big fan of stainless steel cookware, the learning curve will not stop you from getting. Instead, it is something that you will be determined of mastering.

So the key takeaway? Know your unique cooking preference and it will help you answer if this is the best cookware set for you.

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