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Cooking with Regular Pans can be Frustrating at Times

Cooking with Regular Pans can be Frustrating at Times

If there is any cookware material that is being hated as much as it is being loved, it would be the Teflon non-stick coating. It is no scientific secret that Teflon emits harmful PFOA material when heated to high temperature.

But if you love making omelet, you know frustrating it can be when it turns out nowhere near perfection just because some of it sticks to the surface of the pan. Similarly, if you love making your own pancakes, things can get out of control if some of them gets stuck on the pan.

The answer? Like it or not, non-stick pots and skillets would seem like the smartest alternative. But with so many non-stick cookware makers claiming theirs is the best, how can you identify which non-stick cookware sets are ones that would give you the best bang for your bucks?

Nonstick cookware reviews

A Great Non-Stick Cookware Set Makes Cooking Easy

In this cookware set match up, you’ll soon find out what would be the best non-stick cookware sets that are worthy of your time and consideration.

Ready to go? Let’s get the ball rolling!

The Best Non-Stick Cookware Set for Starters

When I say starter, I refer to those who are looking for their first cookware sets or smaller sized wares for light cooking. The winner for this category is T-fal Signature Non-stick 12-Piece set.

This pick would not come as a surprise to most of you. T-fal, is after all, well-recognized as the industry pioneer when it comes to non-stick pans.

If you’ve been trying to get your egg to slide on the pan, T-fal will surely not disappoint. With millions of T-fal owners (myself included) having reaped benefits from such convenience, T-fal’s non-stick performance is something that is well proven. If you love sauteing, the non-stick surface is perfect.

Cookware review of the best nonstick cookwareHeat indicator in T-fal non-stick wares

But there’s one thing that you need to be extra cautious. Though advertised as 12-piece set, you have to be clear on what the 12 constitutes of. Not everything is cookware. This is a common disappointment shared by many owners in their cookware reviews of this great set.

What you get is a 10.25-inch square griddle, an 8-inch plus 12-inch saute pan, a 1-quart and 2-quart saucepan and a 5-quart Dutch oven. Do a simple addition and you’ll end up with only 6 pieces in total.

No, you didn’t get your sum wrong. 6 is the correct amount. “But what about the remaining 6 pieces?” you may ask. The breakdown for the remaining 6 pieces is as follows. You get 3 glass lids for the 2 saucepans and Dutch Oven. The other 3 are utensils made of nylon material that’s safe to use with the non-stick coating.

Some call the 12-piece labeling as decieiving. But that seems to be the standard practice employed by all the cookware makers.

This set has a bit of everything but not quite enough for serious cookings. For example, many owners find the 1-quart saucepan to be too small to be used for anything meaningful. 2-quart is good for small servings but not when you have friends or relatives coming over for dinner. 3-quart is the perfect fit for this case.

You should see why I refer to this as the best starter set. It has a bit of everything but you probably have to get another set once you go into more serious cooking.

The One that will Win You Endless Compliments

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but that’s what many of us tend to do. This is especially true when it comes to kitchen stuffs. If you want a cookware set that complements your kitchen design and get everyone talking about, Paula Deen Porcelain cookware set is what you want to be eyeing for.

The earlier T-fal signature collection may come with industry’s best reputation. But I can tell you those pots and pans are not going to raise eyebrows. The closest that I can think of is between white and yellow gold. Yellow gold retains its value and price but is seen as less cool and sexy compared to white gold or platinum.

Picture of the Most recommended non-stick cookware setNonstick surface of top-rated cookware set

Endorsed by Paula Deen, this 15-piece porcelain set is something that will easily win you endless compliments and get conversation going. The 6 carefully selected color (blue, red, orange, beige and pear) options is a delight, especially if you’re looking for the perfect cookware that matches the theme of your home and kitchen.

Nonstick cookware most loved by momsBest nonstick pot and pan comes with long handle

Also take note of the ’15-piece’ tagline that’s used. It sounds more than the T-fal 12-piece set but it is certainly not the case. Instead, it comes with 5 pieces of measuring spoon. Simple maths. That leaves you with only 10 counts for the cookware.

Is this the best non-stick cookware set? No. Most stylish is probably the more appropriate title.

The Ultimate Value for $$$

So now we’ve seen reviews of the best starter and also the best looking non-stick cookware set. It is time for a more serious stuff. My last category is the best value for money and the winner goes to Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Anodized Non-stick 14-piece set.

If you’re a big Cuisinart fan, this should not come as a big surprise. After all, you know what the Cuisinart brand carries. It is a household brand that resonates with millions of American moms.

Earlier, we’ve seen how the T-fal set is labeled as 12-piece set only for the 3 pieces to turn out as Nylon utensils. Then we have the 15-piece Paula Deen signature set only for the 5 pieces to turn out as measuring spoons.

Deceiving. Gimmicky. Liar. Whatever you may call it. Since it is a common convention used in the industry, it is our duty to review each product carefully and ensure that we know what we’re paying for.

The Cuisinart Chef’s classic set comes with no gimmick. Here is what the 14-piece set includes. 2 saucepans (of size 1.5 and 3-quart). 2 skillets (of size 8- and 10-inch). 1 saute pan (of size 4-quart). 1 stockpot (9-quart). 1 steamer insert (7.75-quart). All these add up to 7. With a lid attached to each piece, that’s how you get the 14-piece.

From style-perspective, this Cuisinart cookware set is notably more appealing that T-fal. However, it is not as stylish as Paula Deen’s and it doesn’t come with that many color options to choose from.

Top rated nonstick cookware for halogen stovePopular nonstick pan set for glass ceramic stoveNonstick cookware suitable for electric induction cookingNonstick cookware most recommended for gas stove

Switching to brand reputation. T-fal may have the best reputation when it comes to non-stick cookware but Paula Deen’s reputation is almost unheard of. Well, except for Paula Deen herself, being the celebrity chef whom we know of. Cuisinart, on the other hand, has years of solid reputation in producing some of the best selling home appliances used in millions of homes worldwide.

But the most often touted advantage of Cuisinart non-stick set has to be its Quantanium non-stick material. This is instead of the Teflon material used in both T-fal and Paula Deen’s sets. It is claimed that Quantanium is safer compared to Teflon when heated to high temperature.

Style? Substance? Or Both?

In my opinion, the battle for the best non-stick cookware set is fought on two fronts – style and substance. Ask yourself which is more important to you.

Do you prefer a set that simply works? If you do your research right, all the hypes surrounding Teflon non-stick coating should not lead to blind fear. If you know you’re not going to put your pots and pans to high heat, there is little to fear.

T-fal will be best for a starter while Paula Deen’s signature set will be best if you need gorgeous-looking set to complement your beautifully themed and decorated kitchen. Cuisinart, in my opinion, offers the best of both world. And if you’re a Teflon-freak, you’d be glad that titanium (instead of Teflon) is used to achieve the non-stick surface coating.

With that, I leave you to decide what’s best for your need. Are you all made up on non-stick cookware sets? If not, why not check out which manufacturer produces the best cast iron cookware set.

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  1. BillieJo Hartjes

    I purchased the WearEver C944SA64 Pure Living Nonstick Ceramic Coating PTFE-PFOA-Cadmium Free Dishwasher Safe Oven Safe Cookware Set, 10-Piece, Gold from Amazon.

    I absolutely love the set! However, I wish it offered small versions of the sauce pans and saute pans. Will these ever be offered?

  2. Susana

    T-Fal is a shame. I bought a set in mid 2011, and by mid 2014 the outside anodized is starting to chip. The frying pans are banged (although not seriously), but they’re round no more. The 7 year warranty will be served this year if it goes on…

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