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Lodge Cast Iron Cookware Set – Probably the Last American-Made Cookware Still Standing

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Lodge Manufacturing: Probably the only Made-in-USA Cookware Left

Lodge Manufacturing: Probably the Last Made-in-USA Cookware

The Lodge Brand – A Great American Story

In the world of blenders, there is Vitamix. In the world of cosmetics, there is Lancome. In the world of hand bags, there is Gucci.

Do you see the one thing that is common among these names? They represent the pinnacle of an industry. Each of them specialize in producing 1 thing and nothing else.

In the world of cookware appliances, that name is Lodge. But unless you’re serious about the quality of cookware, it is a brand that wouldn’t occur to majority of folks who are looking for their cookware purchase.

With the world flooded by China-made products, finding an American brand that stays true to its root is a rarity. For any manufacturing company to resist the tempation of having cheaper products that will propel sales and improve their bottom lines is virtually impossible.

But Lodge manufacturing is that rare gem who until today, is still sticking to its Tennesse root. So if you’re looking for USA-made cookware set, Lodge cookware sets are probably the only options you have on the table.

In this edition of our cookware reviews, we shift our attention to Lodge 5-Piece Cast Iron cookware set.

Let’s find out how it lives up to the brand’s reputation. From there, you decide if this is the best cookware set for you.

Does Lodge Mfg Cookware Set Live Up to its Expecation?

Made of Highly Durable Cast Iron

I made sure to look at cast iron cookware set reviews before buying the Lodge Five Piece Starter Set for my home.

We do a lot of cooking in our kitchen and wanted a durable set of cookware. Cast iron containers have a long history because the metal is strong while being suitable to cook a variety of foods.

Many people have seen this type of cookware in television shows or movies about the olden days. In fact, my children love having pots and pans that resemble the ones used by pioneers. Just about everyone remembers how a grandmother used old-fashioned cast iron skillets to prepare meals during the holidays.

A Great Brand. It’s Made in USA

We used to laugh about our grandparents ancient pans made from cast iron. But the reality is this proves to be one of the best types of cookware materials to have in a kitchen for everyday use.

Before beginning the process of buying new pans for our home, we did a lot of research to find the best ones. After setting on a family budget that everyone agrees to, we had to find pots and pans that were not only versatile enough to cook many meals each day but one that can last over a long period of time.

One thing we always look out for is the manufacturer from whom we’re buying the product from. For Lodge, it fits the criteria well. With a manufacturing base right here in USA, we can be assured of the production quality and also quality assurance.

If a company does not even succumb to the temptation of moving their base to China, to me, it says something about the guys who are in charge of running the company. It didn’t surprise me to find out that customer satisfaction is generally inclined towards the positive end of the scale.

So, when we make the decision to buy a Lodge 5-Piece Cast Iron pot and pan set, this is what we’re buying. A great American brand with product manufactured right here in America. (not in a factory located thousands of miles away)

Easy Care & Maintenance

Not only does cookware made from cast iron heat food evenly. While retaining heat, the iron from the pans often leaches into foods. This quality of the cookware provides benefits for our family by increasing our dietary iron levels to make it less likely we develop anemia.

We also learned that cast iron is easy to take care of with simple hot water and soap instead of using a dishwasher. My family liked the idea of having pans that are simple to clean.

It may seem minor but the amount of water and electric bills (from running a dishwasher) saving easily add up to tens or even hundreds of dollars a year.

The Lodge Five Piece Starter Set is perfect for my family because it has been seasoned at its Tennessee manufacturing company.

Lodge cast iron cookware factoryPicture of Lodge 8-inch skillet pan

Sturdy Handles

Instead of spending several days oiling the cooking surfaces of the pans, we just removed it from the box before giving it a quick wash.

My children were excited to see an old-fashioned round griddle for making pancakes or grilled cheese sandwiches. My hubby loves the large 5-quart Dutch oven to make soups, stews and chili. I like having two sizes of skillets for making hamburgers and side dishes at the same time.

In addition, the Lodge Five Piece Starter Set has a large lid made of cast iron that fits the griddle, skillet and Dutch oven. One thing we noticed right away was that handles on this cookware are extremely sturdy. To make cooking easier, the manufacturer has also placed a helper handle on the large skillet.

Highly Versatile. Great for Indoor or Outdoor Cooking

If you love to cook interesting recipes that must travel between a stovetop and traditional oven, then the Lodge Five Piece Starter Set is perfect. It has no plastic or rubber attachments that will melt.

This means you can prepare a meal in the pots or pans on a burner, and then move the cookware to the oven to keep foods warm. My family loves this because sometimes we eat our meals at different times due to work or school obligations.

The other thing that some Lodge cookware set owners love is the suitability of Lodge pans and pots for campfire or outdoor use.

The Final Verdict for Lodge 5-Piece Cast Iron Set

You have now seen few highlights of what might be the last cookware from an American brand that’s still made right here in USA. The final score now rests in your hand.

Do you think Lodge 5-Piece Cast Iron cookware set has everything you’d love to see? If not, visit our best cast iron cookware set selection to see how this set fares against its alternatives.

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