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What about Choosing Rachael Ray Hard anodized II Cookware Set?

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The Rachael Ray Show

Whether you possess an unfulfilled ambition of becoming a chef or simply love cooking, you must be familiar with the various cooking shows featuring famous celebrity chefs. Of all, Rachael Ray is one of the biggest name in this showbiz industry.

I’m a big fan of Rachael. Her ‘Chicken Francese‘ and ‘Buffalo Chicken Chilirecipes are definitely among my favorites.

Enough recipe stuffs. Everyone knows what a good chef Rachael is. Every time she come up with a new recipe, it is definitely something worth trying for. But when she come up with her own line of cookware set, does it automatically qualify as best or ‘investment worthy’?

It’s Rachael Ray Hard Anodized Non-Stick 10-Piece cookware set that we’re talking about. Let’s take a closer look at the set. We’ll soon find out where it stands among the best cookware sets.

The Pros for Rachael Ray Hard Anodized II Cookware Set

It Has What You Need

Chances are, you’ve suffered great mishaps as a result of not having the right cookware on hand. Either the pots that you own are too small, the skillets too wide, or the pans are too flat.

Whatever the case is, the point is that you should be a product that has what you need. This is the first advantage of this product. It has all the cooking essentials, such as a 1.5 and 3 quart covered saucepans, 6 quart covered stock pot, and 3 quart/10 inch covered sauté 8-and-10 inch French skillets.

With all the selection, you’ll never need to worry about missing the necessary tools to make a stellar meal.

Soft Grip Handles

Cooking burns hurt and bad. This is why it is smart and worthwhile to invest in a product that protects your hands from the heat. In many cases, you probably have ended up buying a pan with a poorly built handle or a handle that isn’t adequately covered with heat resistant material.

Well, with this cooking set, you don’t need to worry. The second advantage of this product is that the handles are soft grip and made of stylish and creative bright orange silicone, which are even oven safe up to 400 degree.

So, not only are your hands protected, but you can even pop these pans in the oven without worrying about destroying your pan.


One of the worst things that can occur when buying a product is that it somehow breaks or is damaged and you end up losing your investment.

Thus, when buying a product, you need to keep warranty in mind. Most warranties last a mere few years, but this product has you covered for a lifetime.


Scrubbing a pan is a pain, for you and for your pan. It not only is tiring and time consuming, but it also damages your product. Therefore, you should always choose a product that is nonstick.

It’s not just a consideration, it is a must. You’ll save yourself peace of mind and money. This is one of the final advantages of this set. You do not need to worry about scrubbing.

Transparent lid in Rachael Ray Hard Anodized stock potCool handle in Rachael Ray Hard Anodized stock pot

The Cons for Rachael Ray Hard Anodized II Cookware Set

Yes, we realize it is a small paragraph compared to the listed disadvantages. But this is all for good reason. Simply put, there aren’t many disadvantages.

The greatest user complaint is that these pans are not dishwasher safe, as it destroys the product. The second problem is that the glass lids that cover the skillets can be a bit heavy, so this product isn’t really for the weak-handed.

Other than that, among the many cookware set reviews that have been look at, this one appears to be the best non-stick cookware set. Overall, you can be assured that you’re buying a great product.

Is Rachael Ray Hard Anodized II a Good Cookware Set?

With millions of moms and cooking entusiasts glued to their TVs watching the Rachael Ray Show daily, a new group of aspiring chefs are born every day. Even the most talented chef needs good set of pots and pans.

I have every reason to believe that pans and pots that she’s using on her show are what’s been selling in the market. If she can produce all the mouthwatering dishes using these cookware pieces, why can’t you?

There is no reason to doubt the popularity of Rachael Ray Hard Anodized Non-Stick 10-Piece cookware set. Despite being a celebrity-endorsed product, the set is reasonably priced. It makes a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

But does being popular equal to being the best? Find out in our match-up for the best non-stick cookware sets.

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