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Is T-fal Ultimate Stainless Steel Cookware Set the Ultimate Choice for Your Kitchen?

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T-Fal: The Pioneer in Non-Stick Cooking Technology

T-Fal: The Pioneer in Non-Stick Cooking Technology

A T-fal Love Story

I’ve recently been in the market to find the perfect cookware for my mom. The last set she ever bought was at least 15 years ago. It was an on older T-fal set, and it has served her well over the years.

Since that purchase, I’ve grown up and moved out to live on my own. I have 3 siblings. I remember that each time someone left home, my mom would send us off with a few pots and pans to get us started in our new home.

Recently, my mom was looking for a brand new cookware set to replace her ageing set. I told her that I’d buy one for her Christmas gift.

My mom happens to be a big fan of T-fal. That brand affinity has been etched in her for life. I’ve tried to introduce her to cookware brands such as Lodge and Analon. Lucky T-fal! Those brands didn’t manage to shake her loyalty for T-fal.

In the end, I bought her T-fal C798SC64 12-Piece Ultimate Stainless Steel cookware set. It’s been few months now since she’s received it as her Christmas gift. It may be a bit too soon for me to vouch about its longevity. But I can certainly tell that she’s been very happy about it.

Let’s see why that is so.

T-fal stock pot with lidT-fal stainless still skillet with nonstick surface

Well-Thought Out Designs

From the various cookware reviews & discussions, I discovered that the base of the cookware is an important factor when choosing cookware.

This set combines the benefits of several metals in the construction of the cookware. It has a stainless steel base that surrounds a thick aluminum core and copper disk.

This type of base distributes heat quickly and evenly to provide even heating throughout the pot to maintain the correct cooking temperature. This stainless steel, aluminum and copper construction allows the cookware to properly conduct and maintain heat while also making the cookware durable and light-weight.

T-fal really went above and beyond by also providing strong riveted handles that are ergonomically designed to make them easy to handle. Another feature very important to me is that all of the pots are oven safe up to 500 degrees.

I love to make 1-pot meals and they often need to finish in the oven. Being able to slip them from the stove to the oven means I don’t need to dirty another dish! Cutting down on dirty dishes is always a winning feature for me!

Safety Concerns

I discovered a few other points to consider while reading T-fal cookware set reviews. It seems there is a safety concern with some cookware that contains non-stick coatings.

Apparently, some of the coatings used in cookware can leach chemicals into the food being prepared at high temperatures. I was happy to learn that the T-fal C798SC64 Ultimate Stainless Steel Copper-Bottom 12-Pc Cookware does not contain any such coating, eliminating any fear of leaching chemicals.

There is also some concern with the use of aluminum in cookware due to an increased level of aluminum in the brains of Alzheimer patients. I was pleased to discover that the body of this set is constructed of stainless steel, and the aluminum core in the base of the pots is surrounded by stainless steel.

This gives the heat conductivity benefit of aluminum without it coming in contact with the food being prepared.

Pots and pans in brand new T-fal ultimate stainless steel copper-bottom setOptimal construction for maximum heat distribution in T-fal pan

Cookware Made to Last

Experience tell me that the T-fal brand will stand up to heavy use by a family that spends a lot of time in the kitchen. In addition to being an incredibly functional set, it is also a very nice looking set.

I feel the polished stainless steel body and handles (along with the stylish glass lids) are sturdy enough to last the set for many years to come.

Has T-fal C798SC64 12-Piece set been a good choice? If you’re a long-time T-fal user, I don’t see any reason why this set cannot be your next pan and pot set.

But is it the best? Be sure to check out our pick of the best stainless steel cookware set to find out the answer.

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